Thursday, March 16, 2017

Test Cricket 140 Years- Post #2

Tuesday night during walk, my mobile phone slipped from my hand and crashed on to concrete floor resulting in screen getting pulped and phone froze. So for 24 hours there was no phone and morning walk gave me plenty to ponder on test cricket. (Phone set right around 6pm Wed).

1) MY all time favourite XI. My selection considers players who stood and delivered and never failed when mattered unlike big names who are all gas !!

 1) Roy Fredricks.
2) Dennis Amiss
3) Zaheer Abbas
4) Martin Crowe.
5) David Gower
6) Clive Lloyd (Captain)
7) Sir Ian Botham
8) Alan Knott (WK)
9) Joel Garner
10) Geoff Dymock
11) Erapalli Prasanna.

12) Augustine Logie.



APE Knott

Roy Fredricks 

Erappali Prasanna 

Gus Logie 12th Man

Clive Lloyd (Captain) 

Sir Ian Botham 

Graham Yallop 

Zaheer Abbas 

My top 10 Memorable test matches not in order of  liking.

1) NZ vs Eng 1973,Chasing 480 to win NZ made 440.
2) Centenary Test 1977, Aus won by 45 Runs.
3) WI 175 in 26 overs,won India,Kingston 1983.
4) McDermott C Jr Murray B Walsh,won1 run, Adelaide 1993
5) Series down 1-0,6 wickets in 90 min,chased 240 in 5 hours Adelaide 1983.1-1 
6) Australia Regain the Ashes. Sydney 1975.
7) 305/3 Chasing 380,Sarfraz 7/1,310 All out! MCG
8) Greatest Jail break,Wasim Bari,Wasim Raja 10th Wicket& 68 Extras!WI drew 24 hrs later skin of teeth.
9) Heroic Oval 1979 Chase, India shot 9runs draw! Horrible English umpiring! (May be first & Last time)
10) South Africa sensational win Sydney 1994. Fanie Show!! 

Icing on CAKE!! Of course!! 344/1!! Hunted 4 days! Hunter in 270 Min! Lords 1984!! Greenidge,Gomes SHOW!!! Will never be matched! next 100 years.

The place I stood and listened all 5 hrs at home BBC BUSH Baron Transistor 1984,!! 

Hhahahh! Dad would scream!! Do you have no other work???? hahahahh! ( I was in final year Masters!!) Who cared study!? It would take care of itself! those were the days! Attend Professor classes, Drag on cigarettes night before exam all will be recollected and etched in brain to download on paper!! far different life then!!!! 

Take care, god bless! Good day
16/3/17 0910 Hrs.

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