Saturday, March 18, 2017

Amazing!! Good folks exist!

I had a busy day today on business travel so would post detailed blog Sunday!

Last month, I purchased my medicines from Ganesh Medicals, they inadvertently billed me an excess amount of Rs. 600. It was never my habit to check bills /tally; just pay out! (Lalitha was away from Bangalore that time) She found that the excess amount when she checked the bill couple of days back.
Today when we reached out during Shopping visit,we explained the situation. Raja,the owner of shop who just walked in, just didn't blink an eye and reimbursed the amount! Ofcourse,we have been buying medicines from the shop since 2009 every month,when we moved from Diamond District. It was not the amount that mattered, but his instant decision to trust our word made us feel so good!!! 

Good folks do exist, good to see such act.
Ganesh Medicals! I got my monthly List of Medicines today (4/4/17) Update so took a picture!! 


PS: We didnt want the cash back,so picked Cadbury Silk!! hahah! Radhu loves it!!!

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