Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Foot Care, Fakenews, Fracking TN Fiasco, History of maths!!

1) Espresso is great news app to keep update on current news as you wake up in the morning. You get some news as free apps and all as Paid apps!!
2) I am listening to Trump Inagural State of nation  address to Congress, as I type, in Fox NEWS!! No longer you need to sit in front of tv and waste time!! I sense applause so far no longer decibels as Obama or BUSH Had!!! So far (755pm) looks a campaign speech!!

Foot care is very essential and many people miss it to work it, more so if you are diabetic where blood circulation is essential for healthy feet. While I was fixing my forthcoming appointment I stumbled this article on the PEDICURE I patron over last 15 years! He does a great job! 

It was intriguing to see a FAKE NEWS TV show to stop Fake news. This tv show in Ukraine, is all about lies deceit and events that didn't happen!! My mind flashed to the current Indian Government!! Anything they do is lie, deceit, fraud!! hahahhah!!! Latest trick is the GDP # !! 
500 Rs Note without # Even as now as last week!! This Government clueless, rudderless fudges everything!!! (Yes continued legacy) 

The ongoing protest on,Hydrocarbon extract (FRACKING?) in Cauvery Delta is a valid. As Environmental Engineer, I find Fracking has caused more damage to water system, health of people as well as potential earthquake in such area!! in Europe/UK fracking is a blasphemous term!!!
I am astonished the idiotic Central government (Bunch of Idiots who look பிச்சைக்காரன், பொருக்கி,கபோதி, மந்திரி) who have no brain forcing it)
 Video on shale gas disasters!!! 

I stumbled on the BBC Podcast on Mathematics History. Very great listen. I have gone through 5/10. Intriguing to hear about great deeds of Newton, Euler, Gauss.... Galois lived only untill age 20 and such a fame?????? To do what they did with no tech support etc as we have now seems divine support!!

PS: The standing ovation for Late RYAN OWENS (Seal died in Yemen ops) been stunning! Is this the longest in American History! I wonder!!!! 

Take care,stay safe, God Bless
1/3/17 0845am.
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