Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bottled Water, Chaebol, Prof.Kelly, Andreas Lubiz!!

1) Came across this useful article on 6 tools that you should carry if you are on the move all the time. Amazing that some of the things have become a necessity/must! 10 years back, when you were on move like mad,nothing of this mattered?World still worked! 
2) Google Playbook,lets you download/transfer books to your phone,so you can read on the move in a compact device like phone! I was not using this known inbuilt feature for a while (I prefer Larger IPAD) but yesterday when I was on my way to pedicure, tried it as first option and found it convenient.

Astonishing to hear that bottled water consumption is more than Soda in USA! Contamination issue (??) of tap water in some area have made people beeline for same! Contrast that with 1 Billion people in world, don't even have access to clean drinking water! 

My visits to Seoul have always made me wonder the leap and growth South Korea have made in the last 30 years. More visible in my visits and talk to folks, were passion within folks about disgruntlement, corruption in their system. So it is no surprise that things have become so rotten that their President is impeached, Riots on streets (over Sat/Sun -India Learn???) as well as major corporation (Chaebol) heads who were crony to the government for Quid-pro-quo are facing potential jail sentences for the first time! Such acts on political hunting, Corporate cronyism ending unthinkable in India (President a bootlicker of large corporation,PM Employee #420, of Ambai/Adani) even after 150 years!! South Korea progressed leap and bounds and truly arrived!

 It was hilarious to watch this video! I leave it to you to watch and enjoy! This has gone viral!

It is 2 years now!! so it was interesting to see this caption at entrance of cockpit I took a snap! Hopefully never another Andreas Lubiz!

OK, take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless.
12/3/17 0905am! 

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