Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good Governance!!, We Googled you!?? , 143Bn$, Marry in their 80s!

Youth Protest over corrupt TN Government planned across from Tomorrow across TN!
I am kind of alarmed at Youth Protest movement planned from tomorrow across TN. While I am all for protests/strike etc as collective aspect to express dissent (In fact we did our own share of few sit in college days to have our way in internal issues)Youth taking this up in national /political issue is a cause of concern and cause irrevocable hardship for them going forward. I recollect the time between 1968-1985, the 18 years of my youth,we don't recollect any turbulence that affected our aim of life at that age,that is to study super for great performance (???? I was first from last is another matter) get a great post graduate degree,get a top notch job and thus a license to a good Sex with woman to marry and love!!Remember we had the 1971 War,1975 Emergency which could have lead to lot of chaos and things could have derailed. Shows sometimes, Good governance is like good Management,mundane, non sexy and routine and grinds life!

I recollect protests can lead to an individual in to black mark situation which can come back to haunt in life as we go up in career ladder!!! 
"WE GOOGLED YOU" and come to harm the very aspect that could be in conflict!! 

I wake to the morning news of Kraft bidding for Unilever at 18% more stock price totalling to a price of 143 Bn$!! I am told that is more than the GDP of Hungary!!! I recollect going mouth Agape when 1995,Novartis was formed from merger of Our Sandoz and rival across Rhine- Ciba Geigy for 5Bn$ then!!
That looks loose change in these times. (I am told this is II biggest merger post Vodafone!) As like every Hostage /Kidnap bid,this 1st Bid, will be rejected by Unilever,I would think 35% would be a premium that would settle!! Let's see!!!
Amazing to read, 42 years after they first met and had a platonic relationship, they decide to marry and is happening today! Life can take you to places!! 

Bill Gates Annual newsletter and Notes FEB, an awesome read, 36Bn$ as give away! What a man!! Still Indian Saffron Scoundrel மூதேவி பண்ணி பீடை would find fault with everything he and Melinda does, saying all these is Conversion tricks and medical guinea pigs!! hahahah! Ungrateful bastards I tell you!!! Conversion and corruption U can NEVER win me with any argument!! NO CHANCE!!

Have a good day, God Bless, Take care.
18/2/17 0845am 
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