Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Gen Flynn, Divorce, Valentine, JJ,

Off all the people who could be kicked out from Trump Administration, Michael Flynn was last on my list! (I expected Sean Spicer, Steven Bannon top the list along with Alternate facts =liar lady, Kellyane Conway!)
It is indeed very unfortunate that this straight talking, no nonsense General, didn't use caution in dealing with Ass hole Russians!! (For me If there are folks worse than ISIS in charecter in Blackmail, goons etc it is the Russians followed by our Indian BIG JOKER PARTY) I feel sorry that he has to go! Goes to prove American political system would forgive you for treachery but not for doing it and lying about it!!! The intriguing aspect was he is punished for an act called LOGAN ACT  framed in 1799 and never used once!!! 

On Valentine's day, I am hearing of a separation of family relative after about 20 years of marriage. It makes me Feel sad when separations happen! For me, it is all about adapting and adjusting as well as give and take making live/let live come hell or high water! I wonder is it environment you are around/family background meta data makes you take that decision rather than giving marriage more hope/rope to give it a chance!! Makes you value more the spouse you posses and make more commitment to make the marriage work more stronger!!! 

hahhaha! Mentioning Valentine, meet the only Valentine that I came across!!! 
Sunny Ramadhin (L) and Alf Valentine (R) what a SPIN COMBO to decimate opposition!!! 
when I heard Valentine day, first time, when I was in TOKYO Feb 14th 1999!! Man what a ripper and clownish way to express love relations!!! I tell you!!!! 

As I blogged yesterday, Glad SC gave out Guilty verdict and endorsed trial court verdict of Justice D'Cunha! I am glad this BLACK SWAN
event in Indian judicial system is welcome! But would it change things!! I don't think so! System is far far corrupt, manipulated that clean up would take decades well past our life time! I am glad judges have Stripped JJ and Sashi and exposed their intent to mint money!
What is shocking is Stupid TN folks celebrating this judgement while 2 year back they cried and committed suicide on the same judgement!
Kid Cries 2014, Keep your Cauvery River, Give back Jayalalitha from Karnataka Prison!! hahah! Assholes today celebrating like MAD!! MAN I TELL YOU!!

Take care, stay safe, God Bless! Good day
15/2/17 0900 Hrs. 
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