Saturday, February 04, 2017

Ready made Roti!! Sleep!!!Obama-Bin-Biden!!!

With Laltiha away and as a person who loves cooking( another matter she doesnt allow me to try out /help her hahahha) I tried some new dish last night. This website Vachef  I found awesome and simple way to work through. I worked the Sweet Potato curry and Tomato Dal Fry Rajastan Gujju style. Came out very well and children (25,22 if can be called kids) loved it! As Roti making is not my virtue, never attempted one! I am sure, I would be hopeless and as like American drivers who never ask for directions, I explored super market Hypercity near home and found KAWAN ROTI /Paratha awesome. The job of heating up the roti delegated to Son at 2000 Hrs who did a super job. Daughter did great help / favour eating them coming from work 2200 Hrs. (Cant blame her can I after a long long drawl day!!)

As much as food is essential as is sleep! so much is being discussed these days! I recollect reading decade back HBR Article managing energy not time in which Sleep is critical to to energetic positive day. I also watched Ariana Huffington video on her book Sleeping Revolution. I don't disagree with her in her prediction that companies would soon have a Sleeping POD for people to nap/refresh just like today they have conference rooms. Sleep many people misjudge! (I too was once a proponent for Sleep when you die, not any more!!) 

I stumbled on once again on UBL tapes a documentary by BBC on my podcast!! It was intriguing to hear he preaching the Gandhian way of Boycott and social chaos as ways to work against Infedels as late as late 1980s! I am to assume the boots landing on Saudi Arabia by west made him take violence! It is also fascinating to hear Osama indicating Shia, Kurds, Communists, atheists posed far far danger to Sunni Islam than West or others! I have an sneeky suscipion/ feeling that Ayman-Al-Zawahri played a very very key part in guiding him to extreme views as the book explains!!

When you talk Osama on a serious note you have to take on a hearty laughter note term coined on election night 2008 November, Obama-Bin-Biden. What a combination they were! U may not like both as Republican, but together they formed one of the best example of team work complementing each other!! Joe Biden was to sell his house for son's cancer treatment, but Obama persuaded him not to do so! That is what is friendship and that's what friends are for as Diane Warwick sang 1980s!!!

See you, Have a great day. Cooking awaits and big arguement ongoing for going out for dinner with daughter, I never like hotel food, I am tiered 15 years outside eating practically every working day!!! 

4th FEB 2017.

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