Sunday, February 05, 2017

100 days, Elections!! Catholics& Jews!!!!

Lalitha is back from her 3 days travel, morning 5am! Thanks to Technology I could track when she would arrive when my sleep broke at 430 am!But in a larger sense shows uncertainty over events. I recollect days of post card/ telegram about arrival people and person would be there to receive you on dot!! It was good to hear she had great time on her father's 80th Birthday celebrations! She also visited Srirangam temple!!! (hahahha I even listen to her experience there shows how much I have mellowed over years hehehehhe) Interesting her most of her time went on visiting temples, shows richness of devotional spread around Trichy, Madurai (100Km radius) 

I was very intrigued by the elections in India spread over 35 days in 5 states, Oh Man, gimme a break!! I recollect 70s,80s  National elections done in 5-10 days and results declared in 24 hrs!.Even the tense national election,(Post Emergency) 1977 I remember Mrs Gandhi losing day after election was held!! Personally,I want BJP decimated and dont care who wins!! Let's see!!! 

So much lethargy, inefficiency crept in to system. Also bureaucrats passing the buck due to timidity, lack of confidence or authority to take decisions to go hammer and tongs!! 35 days election???  man,this is scandalous! Ass holes of bureaucrats, Govern us more like Yes Prime Minister!!! 
 Also, as indicated last year in my BBC Interview with Mathew Amroliwala, that how MODI would be undermined by these bureaucrats!! How Right, I was!!!! 

Amazing to hear US Media going all out to work views /swing on Trump presidency! While during election campaign they worked "UNITED States of Anxiety" (USA) Podcasts
to get Pro/anti views of Trump where indication for Trump winning was predicted in rural/rust belts!! They are now working a program through Phone in Monday -Tuesday, 8pm EST, in which 130 radio stations across USA hook up to a program "INDIVISIBLE" where people across spectrum phone in to express their views!! 
This program would work for First 100 days of Trump Presidency. So you can get to feel how things shape!! Classic example of people expressing views and you get an ear to the ground!!! It was a surprise to hear all current 8 #SCOTUS Judges now are Catholics and Jews!! If a guy wakes up from Grave of 1920s and gets an update, he would feel creepy, given the fact that first and only Catholic President was elected not far back!!!!  hahahahhah!!!! Things change and nothing is permanent except, Change! Embrace it!!! 

Hhahaha! On a personal side, Radhu/Shravan had their day!! They persuaded me to have ordered dinner!! Amazing, I recollect my good friend, Ashutosh's 85 year father saying, in our days, "we ate what was cooked inside the house and defecated outside! Now a days generation,eat  what is cooked outside and defaecate inside house,thus root cause of issues"!! I wonder is there some truth in it indirectly!! The craving for outside food just beats me!!! 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless

5th Feb 2017 0830am! 

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