Monday, February 20, 2017

Rubber Stamp, 7£, FA CUP giant killer ,நாதாரி நாய்களா

I am of the opinion that the President of India, Governors of the Indian States are just dummy position with Rubber stamps to endorse governments at office. I cant recollect any person of political background in these two positions in my memory of 40 years have done anything useful or contributed anything to society. Oh! yes their sexcapades, greed, bills footing lakhs on pvt aircraft use makes you loathe them!!The greatest rubber stamp I recollect was VV Giri!! I also recollect cursing the death of President Fakhrudhin Ali Ahmed as Bugger died on day of Cricket test match Ind vs Eng 1977 so NO radio commentary to follow!! hahahahh!!! 

So while there is no need in a larger sense for this position, I am puzzled why this ceremonial post is lying vacant in TN over past 5 months or so! The current TN acting governor is shunting between Bombay and Madras! Shows how the current idiotic central Government cares in providing support for the process of governance however useless the position is! 

I finished reading Good old James Hadley Chase's "No Business of mine" set in 1947 UK!! a Champagne bottle cost 7£! I calculated current cost is about 300£, Intriguing!!

FA Cup always produces a Giant Killing act! This year we can expect a 5th division teams 100th & 120th ranked in FA ratings playing a potential Quarter final. (Lincoln vs possibly Sutton)  FA Cup final was non miss event to follow over Radio during 80s for me!! Don't think current Champions League can get that kind of support!! 

நாதாரி நாய்களா  Pl listen to the common man anger against MLA's who created ruckus! Watch out very very abusive language in TAMIL!! ehheeh! 99% Indian folks would use such language to PM, CM, MLA, MP, Justice system! As Justice Katju says  in this video,All should be shot or hanged including BJP Goons!! hahah! That man in Tamil audio u can hear he spits!! No wonder India grows in spite of Politicians, governance, Bureaucrats!!

Have a good day!! God Bless!

20/2/17 0900am.

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