Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Modi Fiasco, (Jumla Pictures) 100th Birthday, Egypt, Migration Deaths! Dwight Yorke!!!!

Today is 33 days of Trump Presidency! Trump has managed to shake the world, take it by Scruff of the neck far far greater way than Tea Seller Modi has done in 33 Months. While Trump may not have his way in all the aspects he touched upon, (Naturally the US System is designed so that Executive, Legislature, Judiciary are independent of each other -founding fathers kept checks and balances in place) one cant or wont blame Trump for having not given his best shot to keep up his campaign promises! Modi in his 33 months has not even made an iota of an attempt to move the needle. Land reforms, Black Money, Weeding out corruption, Ram Mandir, GST Mess, Crony capitalism, 0 Job Growth, favouring the few in all aspects nothing indicates that he has put his heart to make even an attempt to thrash the issue. Data indicates as well as I see in MP, GUJ the corruption& loot have reached monumental levels.  Dr Swamy's latest Jibe is another addition that even bureaucrats don't do what they are suppose to do!  

Ok, lets move to some happy good things! Delighted to read a veteran in Australia celebrated his 100th Birthday with 100 Women! Good women found time!! hehehehe!! He made that commitment during II WW while serving in India!!!!! 

While I was listening to History of World in 100 Objects Podcasts, few months back,
I was astounded to hear that almost 20-30 objects listed came from either Egyptian civilisation or Iraq(Sumerian Civilisation).
It was painful to read this week so many articles on mess that is happening in Egypt over medicine shortage, food shortage as well as violent suppression of human rights! So a silver lining was the Egyptian Desert farming, which saves 90% water to produce lettuce, tomato etc. With potential III WW being fought over water,this is great move. 

It is rather depressing to read morning news that 70 Bodies of refugees have washed ashore in Libiya coastal city. These were migrants to tried to move to Europe for better prospects! What was more shocking was around 5000 People drowned last year and bodies may never found! Goes to show how blessed we are to have routine life and take things for granted!! Question is how long would this last??? I would assume God's Will shall prevail.

I hope Dwigh Yorke plight was fake news?? May be not?? Man Trump !! Paranoia is it?? I tell you!!

Take care, Have a great day.
22/2/17 0910am.

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