Friday, February 17, 2017

25 days! Fillon, Nun Band! Sexting!!!

Wow, it is just 25 days in to Trump Administration, it looks like 25 Months of action!! Scandals, Inept WH Team, Exits, Disagreements, Tear down of laws, Decline position offered, Cold War,Asking Reporter to Sit Down/Arrange meeting! #POTUS Trump is nothing folks expected!! I am sure over time Trump would find his way through and he has great team as his cabinet as Secretaries!! He need to remember only one thing and don't do!!! Americans wont care if Muslims Slaughtered or blocked their exit, Blacks being Hammered, Chinese being made Pickle etc etc, they would shrug, turn face and move on!! But extend warm friendly Hand to Russia- You are doomed, Russia is exactly opposite of what all America stands for Viz.God, Capitalism, Freedom, Liberty, Truth, Honor. Nothing of these core American values exist in Russia. So I Hope Trump sees reason and do a retreat on his love for Russia! Else DOOM, Americans would go any length to see that he is out of Scenario! Remember, 55 yrs down the time line, JFK is still remembered and hosted as hero for his ANTI Soviet Stance!!
Negotiator -1989

I was astounded to read for a mere 800,000$ issue, Francois Fillon is being investigated by French Agency as though he committed Murder! That too he gave his family as Salary, back in 1990!! Our "PUTA MADRE" Indian politicians loot that much amount in an Hour and perhaps spend monthly on Booze, prostitute/Escorts/on blow jobs as happened in Madras this week!!! French politicians must be wondering what is way to get one way ticket to India???? 

Intriguing to see this NUN BAND at Peru dishing out awesome music!! Breaking the stereotype! God Bless them!!!

Delighted to hear NOKIA 3310 phone which sold Millions is making come back!
For me mobile phone means Battery 26 hrs, weigh like brick, no impact from 12 feet fall! I am glad MS is reworking that!! Who cares Smartphone etc which has dangers of Sexting, talking of which this TED-TALK by Amy Adele Hasinoff says how to avoid getting to Sext trap! Just remember, "IF it goes out of OUT BOX" you have no control of it! So be discreet!! I also recollect, Eric Schmidt of Google saying this decade back as quoted below!!

Ok Good day, take care stay safe, God Bless!

17/2/17!! 0920am! 

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