Saturday, February 25, 2017

Penny Wise Pound Foolish-Gujarat!; Blood Diamond??? Oscars! Don is Dead!!!!

1) Evernote! I almost forgotten Evernote! I am avid user since 2009 or so and used it to save notes on thoughts that came. (More a digital Post-it) to cross refer ideas between my Laptop and Web when I am on the move.(Apps were not much known then). I rememembered Smartphone version few days back and downloaded to work notes as I do morning walk!!! Technology going leaps and bounds and I am still not that comfortable APPS version and to use smartphone to type!!  
2) My Saturday Morning devotional Playlist on youtube!! hehehheheh!! See How secular & open I am despite Srirangam Hater!!!!!!!!! Plays almost 3 hours! 

I was astounded a Facebook post and posted my comment! I was thinking this and pondering over sleep last night!
I somehow felt Gujarat and its people while have a golden heart, never worked a balance between Work-Life. It was always work work and Money is seen as only means to a better life. (More so when you see /interact with Brits, Aussies who work a superb balance) In my interactions, during my career there, I was always asked at work,how much they would be paid more, if job is finished say 2 hrs early than actual time planned. While I would have let it go as way of life and get sunk, and accepted as way of life, but for my Job interview in 1996 when I wanted to shift to South India giving priority to children's education. Mr KRP Shenoy my boss who did job interview,sold me in the offer,the non tangential benefit of 5 day week(Gujarat was 6 days week work& far far less paid /public Holidays,in fact 4 in in 1980s;lowest in India; logic was,more you work, more you earn, man I tell you)
Marslow need model-Money-Comfort-Love-Respect-EGO Needs! Is Gujarat always Money? I ponder????
     (Lowest form of need and never moving up) 
I still wonder if Gujarat has moved away?? I guess probably not? I was thinking more about it I was listening to Podcast on how Japan is making people move on Last Friday of the month to leave early to spend quality time with Family etc this morning thus the post. I remember the plant manager at my Kodama Facility,back in 2000s made sure every Wednesday all Lights are off by Sunset and folks,all gone Home. (Dream by Japanese standards of staying at work till very very late evening and back 8am as routine) That's where good companies set example.

hahhahah! An Average American plans to spend 2 months Salary as cost to pay his Engagement Diamond Ring. Girls plan and dream their Engagement Ring before even falling love with a boy!!! hehehehe!!! Very Intriguing in depth article. I recollect hearing about Artifical diamonds podcast few months back 1% now fast catching up.I also recollect our work on Blood (Conflict) Minerals management which all stemed from Blood Diamond. Of course, is this the famous dupe?is this? hehehhehe! 
Of course, Blood Diamond,means Leonardo Dicaprio, I always felt he deserved Oscar's more for Blood Diamond than the one he actually Won. Also Departed for which he was never nominated!! 
My First Oscar memory was 1983,when Gandhi Swept the awards. I watched,Star Wars at Bombay,Sterling,1979 (a magical experience for a15 year kid!before that)but never connected to Oscars! This weekend I think La-La Land expected to sweep. Let's see?? I recollect 2007 Oscars, When I was just miles away at Redando Beach, busy with Meetings while Oscar was in full swing!! Not that I would have got an invite to go watch?!! 
I am reading that Netflix is investing 100Mn$ for Martin Scorsese movie!! He is a sure shot winner? So next Oscars could be from Netflix or Amazon or Google(Youtube) movies!Move over 20th Century Fox etc & Universal or Colombia !!! 

My last post!!! No words!! Today 2001,"THE DON IS DEAD"at 91 What a legend?? 
Real DON????? 
hahhahh! Anthony Quinn!!! What a Performance as Andrea !! really brought Maclean book to life!!!!
Ok Take care, stay Safe, God Bless!!

25/2/17. 0915am.

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