Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hen Pecked Husband, +ve thoughts, Negro to african american,Dalida, Indivisible

I am delighted to let you know that I am given new title "HEN PECKED HUSBAND" hahahhaha! The title was conferred by my darling daughter Radhu
as I have now started waging war against her & joining her mother's side in crusade to see that we find a potential alliance for her and pack her off to far off land. I have already titles of "முரடன்(Brute)given by my late grandfather, ஓட்டைவாயன் (Sieve mouthed- No secrets can be kept) by my Sister and "Arrogant" by my close Pakistani Friends!! hahhhaahhah!!! What's coming next????? heheheh!! The term Henpeck Husband is dad's favourite term to tease people who listen to their wife a lot!!! (Hahhahaha! Mom must be wondering if he ever listened to her, போடி,அறிவு கெட்டவளே -Dad worse than me in shooting first and asking questions later!!! ஹஹஹஹ்ஹ்ஹ !!) 

I was looking back at +ve thinking, how it shapes things around you!!Ever since 1989,When I read "THINK AND GROW RICH" by Napoleon Hill (I gifted to Kids)
 and Power of Positive Thinking by Dr Norman Vincent Peale in my 20s
I had always seen life as Positive and only best things happen as well as see glass as always half full.I was talking to Lalitha, how I felt it was given, she would be a great wife and we would accommodate each other or that I would have a Son and Daughter!!
At no stage even thoughts flashed even a micro second in those days that our marriage would hit difficulty or that I would have a 2 sons or 2 daughters!!! Makes you believe"Earl Nightingale 
saying which I came across in late 90s, "YOU BECOME- WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT" As was in my work career, failure is not an option as indicated in APPOLO -13 of Gene Kranz worked with Intelligent Risk Taking.
Apollo 13- Failure is not an Option!!! 
I am now reading, JHC "Fast Buck"set in 1951, I am amazed to read how the word "NEGRO" is used so frequently in that book as a common phrase. I recollect John Grisham Book (Summons?? Can't recollect now) set in 1930s the father of lawyer in his age 70s calling the Black servant, using the N-Word in a far worse context!! Now a days African American is the norm used.... Wor(l)d evolution happens??? Wonder why the word Black is seen always a negative context- Black magic, Black mail, Black Money etc etc aligned to very negative context!!

Yesterday BBC Documentary had an Intriguing program on Dalida. I recollect her singing performance/star in 80s, but didn't track her life as I moved to job and so it was shocked to come to know of her death in 87 (My hectic year at work) by suicide. More so 3 of men in her life committed Suicide! What a tragedy!! 

I leave you with today with the interesting thought expressed by a caller on to "INDIVISIBLE"
Call in program yesterday!! "Would Trump change the Presidency or Presidency would change Trump"!! What a thought? What do you think? I would bet for latter! He would mend mellow in time with the great team. Today's call will have Gary Kasparov and his views on Trump/Putin! I look to hear it this afternoon! 
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