Friday, February 03, 2017

31 years, 80 Years, 6 Years!!! TRUMP!!!!

This week marks completion of 31 years of my career. I started packing my bags for #ANKLESHWAR the day space shuttle Challenger exploded in air and setting back USA Space program by years!!(despite another setback thro #Columbia in 2003)While my career had no such hickups. It was great ride 1986-2012 with great people, great team, great organisations, before I felt enough is enough with corporate career, with me feeling I am going no where, in II half of 2012 in my last assignment that began April 2012!! While the next 5 years through my ESH consulting has been tough ride with safety, health still not a great value proposition in Indian entities, I plan to hang out as the saying goes"The Going gets tough, the tough gets going"!!!! 

Today (3rd Feb) is the beginning of 80th Year for Lalitha's father Mr K Sundarraman!! (hahahhahha!! My Father in(out) Law) I have immense respect for him. He took a courageous decision back in 1991,to give away his daughter to a person at #GUJARAT, the most dangerous place then on earth with violence,Hindu muslim riots a common occurrence as sunrise/sunset!! I am glad Lalitha and her elder sister Gauri made it to Trichy today for this simple event (81 planned in a grand manner). We are also planning my father's 80th year celebrations later in the year. Would keep details updated.

I am personally very happy with Aircell maxis verdict,while judgement is disappointing, I am glad it shows how poorly MODI government has prepared and worked in shobby way to prove criminal intent, the case is on for 6 years. Modi government worked on it for 3 years!!!  I keep saying, MODI is dumb egoistic person with "I, Me, Myself" egoistic attitude (Same as MGR) largely attributed to politicians from Gujarat! (remember Moraji Desai the stubborn guy,who is notorious for not listening to people with my way or the Highway)

Trump on other hand, going like bull in chinaware shop!! No one can blame him for not fulfilling his election promises!! Very clear action items, care a damm for what world would say,not a hint of respect for system that exist in place! very clear message to world!! "We have had enough, now we call shots"!!! If Modi had even 20% of this courage and did some of promises, I wont be cursing him with all such unprintable explicit in spite of voting for him in 2014! Not one promise done and going nowhere ! also Modi's team dumbest in Indian history with half ministers looking "PORUKKI" பிச்சைக்காரன் !!! 

Trump on the other hand has picked one of the best cabinet to support him in US modern history the best since in JFK in my view!!! Rex Tillerson, Mad Dog Mattis, Rick Perry, Dr Carlson are some of the best available and certainly wont nod head to Trump unlike our மூதேவி ! exactly the way the team should be!!!
His pick for USA Supreme court nominee too just awesome! I don't think any one could have fitted better void left by Late Justice Antonin Scalia, than Justice,Neil Gorsuch,a conservative judge. Trump might get to pick 2 more judges!! Let's see!!!  Trump is on right track to do what he set to do! As I told my son, How world reacts, how America shapes up it is all up to people, U cant blame TRUMP come 2021!!!! ahahaha!!!! 

                                                                                 Take care, have a good day
3/2/2017 0900hrs!!! 
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