Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fair & Lovely, Bad Managers, JJ, Sutton United !!!

Shades Michelle Obama
I post this in BLACK as my appreciation to Black Shade!! 

I was always thinking that the shade of Human Skin and to look fair is an obsession with Indian /South Asian women!! Imagine my shock when I heard Assignment last night during walk on how this is also a big issue facing black woman across Africa and United States! I am feeling a lot of respect for Michelle Obama how she overcame this as well as an example to other dark shaded black woman to get back some self confidence!! In an Indian context this is such a disgrace, I recollect, when I told Mom to look for a girl back in 1990s, the color, complexion etc, never even occurred to me to mention as an aspect to look for!!! Thankfully Mom, my grandmother (here with son below 1994) being a lot lot fairer, also never
used it as filter to scout potential brides!Thank Heaven for that!!!

I always look forward to Lucy Kellaway's weekly pod casts over last 7-8 years!!
She always gives a counter perspective to everything that happens in world and I tend to agree 99.999% of her view (I am being High"D" cant go along/get along as per norm).Lucy would be quitting, Financial Times after good 30 years, this summer and going to Teaching Math for school kids. What a change?. 
In this podcast, Lucy ponders about how despite world class facilities, flexi timing,good food (Good fuck too, as I know of a company that keeps condoms for disposal to employees at Bangalore; wonder they allow sex at work?hehehehhe I personally know of Pregnancy at work reported as NEAR MISS reporting ehheheheheheheheehehehheheheheheheheheheheh) people are very unhappy, uninspired, demotivated at work!! The Reason, they have bad, horrible, pathetic, lousy, idiotic Managers as their bosses to guide/chart them! I am not surprised with this as I owe my success more to my leaders who mentored/coached me and I picked tricks of the trade which I have covered in many Facebook posts!!!( I had only one very very bad boss in my 28 years! Lucky I got rid of him 7 months flat and moved to a suepr job in 1999)

Every day new twists and turns are emerging on JJ death. I wish the government goes in to bottom of this and clears all doubts! தமிழக முதல்வரும் கேள்விக்குள்ளாக்கப்பட்ட அவரது உடல் நிலையும் - ஓர் ஆய்வு  It is right of people to know how their leader died! While I am not a JJ fan (for that no politician in last 30 years) I can't help feel sorry for JJ for the way the end came to her especially last year or so! I always predicted she wouldn't pass 2016 in my tweets!! 
Until yesterday the only Sutton I know was Management Teacher Bob Sutton!!(Knowing doing gap) hahah! So today Sutton town in UK most talked about in Football. A club 102 places below Arsenal
They couldn't get past Arsenal, but boy! what a performance!! I was told that their annual wage bill of 40,000
£, is half as much as what Peter Chech Arsenal goal keeper gets as Weekly wage in EPL!! This 250,000£ is windfall for them!! FA Cup is all about such teams and shows class of English Football.

Take care, have a great day, God bless
21/2/17 0900 Hrs.
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