Monday, February 27, 2017

Dementia,Child Migrants,FUC**** Jargon Bullshit at office!!! More Happy?Be Duped!!

1) Podcast addict is a good Android APP for Podcatcher. This also has speed variation for playback ( MY default is 2.5) and displays time elapsed in that mode. I convered mine from FreeApp to Paid APP!!

If you think more sleep is good,here is bad news, Research shows that People who had slept more than 9 Hours a day have greater probability of having / getting "DEMENTIA"!! so sleep less! I was just checking mine !? Around 7hrs on average and 8 Max and never could stick bed beyond that unless Sick!

I was saddened /horrified to read the condition of Migrants from Africa/ Middle East put in camps in Greece as transit point. Condition is very bad with Europe turning their backs. What has not come out more,which this article/podcast covers is plight of 1000s of Teenage children who have moved alone as refugees (Parents dead /killed in war or by Taliban etc) and undergoing pathetic trauma of living in inhumane condition or exploited for Child abuse. Makes you wonder, what's world up to??? I am more puzzled as word Child Abuse came in my Dictionary when my Overseas colleague mentioned as possible situation to children in their country in 2000! (When I was 37!!)......

Haahhahah! I was listening to Whatron podcast yesterday afternoon about new book on Jargon and its horror!! I cant help think Lucy covering this few years back!(2007!!! hahah) Boy Killer!! I loathe all that bullshit of "Going Forward" "Pl Ping" "DrillDown" "We will connect in Real World" etc etc..... Shit man I tell you!

Here is a great list !! BOY !!

Watch out??? If you are more happy and express it so! Chances are that you would be perceived NAIVE or be a victim of Duping!! heheheh! No wonder, I am always Grumpy/Grouse!!! hahahahh!!!!
Have a great week, Take care. God Bless

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