Saturday, February 04, 2017

35 yrs on still missing Karen! memory lingers!!!

4th February 1983,Karen Carpenter passed away at very young age of 32. I still recollect the moment I heard the news during my college days at Madurai! Karen died due to a condition less known that time, now very very common in woman(!!) of eating disorder!!

Along with her brother,Richard, she dished out so many songs which still feel fresh. I am told she was a great drummer too!!!Growing up listening to Carpenters music (more so those days in 70s, 80s u had only radio stations to listen, may be an hour at most/day) the impact she left behind is phenomenal. I am sure her music would be around,come 2117 AD!!!. I still miss her soul touching music and I wonder how much great musical magic she would have delivered but for god's other plans!!! 

All her songs are treat for me! but still my best picks not in any order of her Baker's Half Dozen!!!!

1) Jambalaya ( If I got to pick only1,then this)
2) Calling occupants of interplanetary craft.
3) Please Mr Postman (I recollect my days 1990 waiting for that stimulating mail from Lalitha during courtship days, ahhahah) 
4) Top of the world (Class apart)
5) Good bye to love (Endnote is so awesome)
6) Only Yesterday 
7) I wont last a day without you!! (hahahhaha)

Thanks to my Classmate PK Sridhar who introduced her music to me 1978!!! 

4th FEB 2017 1100 Hrs. 

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