Thursday, February 16, 2017

TN Update: Next Periyar Around????

I am very glad that TN stalemate has been resolved!! As Tamil saying goes of Poet Bharathiar"ஆயிரம் உண்டிங்கு ஜாதி -இதில் அந்நியன் வந்து புகல் என்ன நீதி -ஒரு தாயின் வயிற்றில் பிறந்தோம்" All said and done issue is of Tamils to be sorted by Tamil folks themselves using any tricks such as negotiations or war or வெட்டு குத்து அடி கொல்லு !!! It was getting dangerous with BJP goons and Amit Shah kind of Thieves trying to manipulate happening and get a chance to govern through Proxy! I am sure, the Rotten DMK or Wretched Slaves of All Indira Amma DMK (AIADMK) of Tamil origin know how to govern. They any day better than Saffron clad scoundrels of Big Joota Party!!! BJP should never be allowed in even an inch!! I hope for next 100 years Tamil Voters don't allow BJP win even deposit in 1 seat in MP or MLA elections!!! For me BJP, worse & far far dangerous than ISIS; and all their leaders characterless, so never allowed in! 

I was laughing to myself the Lattitude and Longitude folks going berserk at today's happening !! hahahah!! Next "Periyar" Round the corner, I guess!!! I have already warned my parents to move out when next crusade comes up!! I wont be taking their sides for sure as long as they stick to BJP!!!!!!! No way! !!! 

Good Luck and God bless TN!!! 
1815 Hrs!!! 

PS: I am against Mad Tamil Culture that prevails since 1980s and the 5C that kills TN! சினிமா, (Cinema)சீட்டு (Cheetu),சாராயம், (Charayam)கிரிக்கெட்(Cricket) and 5thC, C**T !!!! TN as my birth land always my port of call & to keep track despite leaving that place for good 30+ Yrs back!!! 

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