Friday, February 10, 2017

PSM, Responsible Father!!! Foregin!!! 3-0 !!!

I am Back from Business travel from Cochin this afternoon. I had been there facilitating 2 day session on "Process Safety Management"! A concept in safety that came in to operation post Bhopal gas tragedy. This is a regulatory framework in USA/Europe since 1992. 25 yrs on, still no sign of this standard becoming Mandatory in India, where Bhopal is situated,as no one cares, neither Industrial agencies nor Legislators. Thus, very few companies here go towards implementing this on a voluntary basis.......

It was so much satisfying to hear from my cab driver in my visit ensuring that all his 3 Children are qualified Engineers and well settled in life. His 2 daughters passed IT/software and Civil Engineering. Son is in to Mechanical Engineering or so!! Kids for their part got merit scholarship to reduce fee burden to parents!! I wish that the Government makes Education free for Girl Children entering Engineering say at least for top 1000 rank holders or so!! 

I was surprised to hear from him, that "FOREIGN" concept is back in Engineering academic. It existed during my college days! If you fail in the same paper on 3rd attempt, you would be sent home for one year (Foreign!!! hahahah) and come back after 12 months and take the exam!so one year study lost!Makes you put effort to pass the subject within 3 attempts!! Good aspect to make Engineering education more serious!! With 1000s of colleges, I guess 10s of  1000s of students would go foreign!!! 

So Hillary breaks her silence after ages; what a tweet!!! But I like the way Trump trying to break Status Quo!! Win or lose, You cant blame the man for trying to shake a few things!If only our Stupid மூதேவி MODI tried even 10% of this guts and go hammer and tongs to sweep the system!! !!!! 

See you, Take it easy take care, stay safe!!
10.2.17 1515 Hrs.
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