Friday, February 24, 2017

LeanIN?? Planets, Robot Taxes, Putin super duper of TV vs Fridge


1)Summer is coming here with Bang, Man I tell you! Woolen blankets gone out of window 2 days back! 6am walk, by 7am u cant take the sun! Wonder If we need to push clock ahead by atleast 30 min to take advantage? Governance about all these things?? hmm! I recollect reading Delhi reeling already in Summer mode! Bangalore would face worst water shortage. UV Index always a nightmare here!!! 

2) So many things to write about, I am thinking of going Audio mode through a formal Podcast of 15-20 Min on various aspects. I discussed with Son about it yesterday and he agrees for broader reach. Would work plan in days to come.

OK here we go!!!

1) Lean In was Sheryl Sandberg Book on woman empowerment! Woman still have a long way to go to break the ceiling! While South Asia has done better in terms of top leaders the gap is still long way off in middle as Economist wonder? But I always felt,it is woman who prevents another woman from coming to the top? When you heard 2 woman agree on anything? I haven't? Have you? 

2) I always have a feeling there is a mirror image of us somewhere else!
So no surprise that earth like planets are found! Hold on!They are 700,000 Years of travel away! Hope this blog is read then??? 

Intriguing to read to Bill Gates, talking about Robot Taxes for jobs that are taken away! AI really hitting hard in every sense! I recollect reading hardly 10% jobs would go away in worst case! But u never know?

For Second time in weeks, I keep hearing Vladimir Putin is a Manipulator. Gary Kasparov did last night as was Alexi Nevallny few weeks back! Both say Putin gives a perception that he tolerates dissent! When he can't handle beyond a point, He would eliminate them! Also read this class interview on VOX on PUTIN-TRUMP relation from a Russian perspective. As Economist Russian Correspondent, Arkady says,Putin knows super/duper to manage TV not the Fridge! 

A Russian newspaper editor explains how Putin made Trump his puppet

“They consider him a stupid, unstrategic politician.”

Have a great day, God bless!! Stay Safe
24/2/17 0830am
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