Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Headspin, TMSIDK, Music long way!

Today judgement in Supreme court on disproportionate asset case the scenarios that may come out are head spinning! only 1/7 is a game over! This too after 21 years of lingering!! Shows how much judicial system is loaded against for good or bad as well as how by paying money you can buy judgement be even at High court! Churchill was right! Indians cant self Govern!! 

Just because wrapper is attached to Choclate no one eats the paper!! Same is Sasi with JJ!!! Apt sent by my classmate! 
From this week I look forward to hearing episodes of "Tell Me Something, I Dont know"!! Great show on participants and panel letting know things we dont know! very Intriguing 45 minutes to spend!! 

While I dont track much of Music happening post my college days of mid 1980s,it was interesting to read that this year Grammy awards for new artist has gone to a guy (Chance the Rapper)  who is releasing his songs through Media Stream without any formal arrangements without selling a single physical copy. He earning thro sponsors and product launch/tour! Music has come a long long way!!! Where it would go further???!! Further on music, it was sad news of Al Jarreau passing away!  Take Five 40 years back was a master class!! still rings!! Also this week is Retirement of Aretha Franklin the Heart of exciting music! 

Have a good day, Take it easy, take care!
14/2/17 0840am! 

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