Sunday, February 26, 2017

Woman coach Football, Rape & Reconciliation, Diana, 30Bn Bees Fly!

I am making this post Vanila Version:-

1) Try Noom walk excellent App for counting steps!! Hahhah! Today with Leg stiffness Lalitha cautioned me no walk!(கால ஓடசுப்புடுவேன்!!!! and for a change I listened to her!!!  hehehehheheh) so Early post!!

2) I like this interface for Daily Alarm!! COOL!! But I have issue with Snooze when alarm goes on! Got to go to app and disable rather than volume or other keys?? Wonder why??

Her Team Lost 7-0, Winning team coached by Legend Scholari!! So it is very tough to get hog lime light and get all good coverage!! Well that is what exactly Chan Yuen-ting got. The First Female Coach of a Football team which lead her team to Championship title at home in Hong Kong, and take the almighty Chinese Club in Continental Cup match at Gangzhou. Woman making inroads like Ghenggis Khan. I recollect a flash of Female Refree in EPL last night!!

It was a very touching gripping TED Talk!! Rape & Reconciliation! Watch this to know more!!! Astonishing saga lasting 19 years or so!!!! 

2017 is also 20th Year of Diana, the princess of Wales, Death, lot of special programs are being organised this year! What a lady!! what a reach out??

Harry with Mom! I think this guy is her mirror Image in his thinking & action!! God Bless!!! 

I was not around when Kennedy died( I was just 150 Hours late) but I could imagine the shock the world went through!! My Special moment in her funeral is this!!

30Bn Bees FLY to California Very Intriguing!!! Give a listen!! 

U Crib about Traffic Jams in your City!! Read this list???? hahahahhah!!! I was not amused, when Taxi Driver in Istanbul told passenger (BBC reporter) to drive the car as he had uncontrolled urge to use the Toilet!! When he came back, the lady passenger had just driven 2 Meters!! ehhehehhehh!!!!

Ok, Take care, Have a great day! GOD BLESS
26/2/17!! 0815am

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