Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blood Diamond, Inflight entertainment.

I arrived in to Los Angeles last night on a two week trip to the Americas. I took the Atlantic route as it made sense while coming back in 2 weeks time. 22 Hrs of flying with with rush to change terminal in Heathrow and then immigration, Baggage makes it all a 30 Hr flight. The walk to change terminals (from 4 to 1 for the flight to LA) was one of the fastest in my 14 years of international travel,(with 2 bags weighing 12 Kg) exposed me to what Power aerobics exercise was all about. I am glad BA allowed 2 piece baggage rule, as it will help to work for backup plan in case checked in luggage doesn't arrive. (Happened to me twice and yesterday my bag was almost the last piece to arrive in the conveyor).

I watched the movies on the in flight entertainment system.It was all digital with your choice of more than 40 movies in various languages and also an auto option for you to pause. (All in touch screen, forget the remote) A far cry and long way from the old days of couple of movies for the entire flight. You cant wonder where technology is going!!.

I saw the movie, Blood Diamond, It exposes, the power struggle, efforts, greed as well as political issues involved in the diamond industry. While diamonds are not our day to day issues, it also brings to the front the problems faced by people who do it for a living and how their life is influenced by situations over which they have no control. Leonardo di Capro ( Danny Archer the Agent for smuggling diamonds)at his best so was Dijimon Hounsou (Solomon Vandy) at his best as a father. It was great lesson for me as to how if you are got in conflict, the choice/ freedom/expressions are all taken away from you. I wonder about that in some countries??.

The question is do we appreciate and value it when it is with us?.

I leave you with those thoughts.
I will try to pen my thoughts as I go forward.
Till next time, take it easy and take care; live consciously.
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