Sunday, January 20, 2008

Calcutta, Madras, Adelaide, Perth

I am on travel and I have a slow internet connection to post links. The hotel internet are very expensive more so in star hotels. It is not worth the money. That way love the USA where it is free in many places.!!!.

I am glad that my prediction of 4-0 whitewash has been proved wrong. This is a great team effort more so to come back from the trauma of Sydney. I am not a Indian cricket team supporter as indicated in early posts, but still I wont grudge this victory. What was also heartening to see was the bit and pieces contribution by all the members. They have created history in Perth, great effort!!!.

Ishant Sharma is he the new Big Bird, made Batsman dance to his Tune. Wish the guy well.

Will post detailed blog in the middle of the week once back home.
Till then
Take it easy and take care, live consciously.

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