Sunday, January 06, 2008

Kid in the candy Shop, Expesnes, Diary, Wayne, No shedding tears

My wife promised me that she would sponsor some books for me to read. We did that last Saturday(29th Dec) After ages, I went to the book shop in Bangalore. Its like a Kid in the candy shop feeling. You see too many good books, the Budget also pinches. Anyway She was kind enough to allow me to pick what all I wanted. Still I could have picked up more, we were also short of time to finish other rituals planned for Saturday.

I did pick the following books to go through during the year. Ofcourse, was disappointed many of the books I wanted to buy were not out there. (Erica Andersen, Bill George etc). Let me work out next time.

  1. Who would cry when you Die -Robin Sharma
  2. Effective Executive - Peter Drucker.
  3. Managing for results - Peter Drucker.
  4. Good to Great Jim Collins
  5. Build to Last Jim Collins.
  6. Go put your strengths to work - Marcus Buckingham.
  7. Strength finder II - Tom Roth.
  8. Toyota Talent
  9. Toyota Way.
  10. How to stop worrying and stop Living -Dale Carnage.
  11. Know How -Ram Charan.
  12. How to enjoy your life -Dale Carnage.
  13. Playing for Pizza -John Grisham. (Fiction book, I purchased after ages !!!!!)
I have began the new year that this year I would write Diary every day on all the work/ personal aspects as well as learning. I found digital diary very easy to use. It is very compact. Let me see how far I go using this. I have done so far for 6 days. So if it hit the 21 day barrier, I think I would sustain I guess.

Found the IEMS Expense report tracker to track and post my sundry expenses during travel, this is one area I need to improve. I am too lazy to work out cash expenses. I feel that The time spend on it to prepare laborious/ elaborate protocol is some times not worth it and it accumulate a lot. Let me see how much prompt I become in settling this year. Never bothered about Money for the last 22 years of work and further spoiled by wife who manages all the funds. So I need to work on this. Will report progress in 52 weeks.

I came across, John Baldoni's podcast through Patricia Wheeler's tele forum archives. Baldoni relates to personal development to Supply chain/ manufacturing which works well to me. Give his podcasts and his Website a try. I got hold of Summary of his Book" How great Leaders get great results.

I was delighted to participate in the Wayne Turmel's new venture on launch. The session was on managing teams in remote environment. I was one of the 9 participants from 5 countries in this web meeting. DIMDIM did work ok. Great initiative by Wayne. I wish it all success.This will take managing remote meetings to the next level.You dont need telephone to call. Yes, decent web connection is the need.

So Aussies, Made it 2-0, but the victory is spoiled I guess by poor umpiring. India did make a good fight, one feels bad. But as long the best talented players who are available are not selected for various reasons to the squad, which are non cricket one,(the Badrinaths, the Pujaras, the Majumadar, the Bose etc) you can be rest assured that I am not going to shed tears for their loss. Yes, I did feel sorry for Kumble, a nice guy. (Not that he is from Bangalore!!). (My Head is still safe for 4-0 prediction) Yes, I wouldn't rate this Aussie side anywhere near the Windies of the 80s as said by David Gower. They played the game in spirit and it was fun as seen here with Big Curtly. Winning and loosing were no big deals to them and there were no controversies or bitter after tastes.

Till next week, take it easy and take care, live consciously.


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