Sunday, January 13, 2008

Manage Energy, Obama, Kalli.


So the cricket controversy raged and it almost brought a diplomatic row similar to bodyline. I am glad that the issue is resolved and that Cricket would continue. Many of my Aussie friends have expressed regret over the team behavior. But many also feel Symonds would not have reacted to something which is nothing(whether it is from that test or past is a debate).

Came across an interesting article, Manage your energy,not time in HBR. Very clearly focuses on Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotional aspect of management of a person thus manage performance. Found it very practical.

Came across 2 fabulous videos yesterday at Leading@google. Marshall Goldsmith and muti faceted personality from Chile Rodrigo Jordan. Each is 1 Hr long. I assure you it is worth watching and learn. Jordan's video talks about Leadership dilemmas.

I also heard this morning during my walk, a thought provoking, podcast by CEO, Greg Ballard who talks in heartout in Leadership speech at Stanford University.

I am still neutral on US presidential election, watching for things to develop, ( I tend to be more democrat in the past, but that is more on candidates, I was happy when Carter won, When Regan won, Bush, Not so when Kerry lost last time). So let us see where things head, I watched with interest yesterday 1 Hr interaction of Barack Obama. I am impressed with his approach and his response to questions at Google. Lets see. I plan to watch a bit more of other candidates before I form an opinion. How much technology has your aid to come to judge things.!!!.

This week is the Tamil festival of Pongal (The harvest festival on Tuesday) and Boghi Monday. I plan to enjoy the holiday. I would miss the Madras cricket test match during Pongal holidays. The famous Al Kallicharan, quote of Anna Statue, as Umpire Satyajit Rao, as a respect for Umpire. (Kalli was given dubious runout when he was going great guns!!!, Vishys great innings too!!!)

I am now a proud subscriber to Fortune, Economist, HBR Print editions. Also to Mint, the wall street journal Indian edition.

Till next week, take it easy and Take care and Live consciously.
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