Friday, January 18, 2008

Great gifts from Kids.

Today (18th January) is our wedding Day. It looks like yesterday when George Bush Sr. Gave orders to Alliance commander,Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf to bomb Baghdad in the operation desert storm. I was getting in to a life long, productive alliance with Lalitha.

This week,we did a kind of stock taking over the last 17 years and exchanged notes to see if we could have done anything different or some things which should not have happened. Happily there was none. I think we have come a long way since starting on our own(Much against tradition) in Bharuch, Gujarat.

The kids gave a great surprise, they arranged cakes, candles and gifts. They did this in a stealth manner over the last week. We could not get a clue of what they were up to. Such are the days. Even today I am not sure if I do that way back to them.
My travels start from Sunday for this year and I look forward to it.
Take care.

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