Monday, February 04, 2008

Mexicali, Salt lake City and Edi Amin. (Super bowl)

I am now in Layton, Utah, (Near Salt Lake city). Just arrived this morning from LA. Flew United Airlines for the first time and not bad service. They served complementary beverages. When you have low expectations, this goes to show that things can be much better. Salt lake city, close to 0 Deg cel. The hotel is situated right opposite string of rocky mountains and there is plenty of snow and more snow (up to a foot on the road) kind of new experience for me. I will be here for 3 days and then fly to Atlanta Tuesday. It expects to hit -11 Deg cel tomorrow, Lets see!!!.
Salt Lake City, Utah is also famous for the Mormon, sect of Christians, Mitt Romney is now running for republican party presidential nomination is a Mormon. I now see that they have their version of the bible in the hotel shelf.

I was in Mexicali, Mexico last week as a part of the business trip. We drove down 6 Hours with My Great colleague,George Kohn coordinated the trip and took us there. George made the drive lively with various discussions both ways. You should spend time with George, the whole outlook can become seriously positive even for the depressed. Happy go lucky George.

My first impressions about Mexico was great country, people are warm and polite and helpful. Yes, it reminds you a lot about India, with the cleanliness, unpredictables. Food was no issue for a vegetarian. Yes, the message needs to go out that you don't eat anything that lived and moved. I stayed in the hotel, Araiza. Which was decent enough and value for money. Mexicali (Mexico+ California) is about 20 miles from the US border. Although I had a valid Mexican Business visa Issued from India, I was asked to pay for a additional business visa for US 23$. Which I did and that took a bit of time.( To walk to the bank to pay the cash). Yes, we had a tight schedule and there was no time to go around the city. We did a bit on the road though.

The return crossing back to USA, took a little more time. Being Friday evening, there was lot of queue. The border officer at the US Side while crossing while checking my passport wanted to know how many languages, I speak(having an Indian passport and not a green card holder from India) and he wanted to know the names of the languages I know as well as my mother tongue(Tamil).

Edi Amin, You may wonder. Yes, I watched the movie, the Last King of Scotland, which is about the tantrums of Edi Amin from the experiences of his sottish personal physician. Worth watching. Just saw that It has won an Oscar. The actor who played Edi Amin had done a great job.(Forest Whitakear)

Ok, Being in United states, I am going to go through the ritual of Super bowl this afternoon, (4pm here in Utah) there is much hype here !!!. I have no clue about Superbowl or the football they play. Let me see and post some thoughts as to how genuine the hype is or is it just another American marketing gimmick. I am told to support some New England, patriots. Let me see. I look forward to a good time to relax and see new game.

Till next week, take it easy and take care, Live consciously.

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