Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vatican, Sistine Chapel

I am in Rome at the Four point Sheraton Rome West. My Home for the 11 day trip. Reached late in to Rome last week after chaos in Heathrow. Missed connecting flights and delayed flight was almost canceled. (Reached 2am Thursday).People are confused by the Four Sheraton four points Hotels in Rome and Taxis as expensive they are can cost up to 150 Euros for a trip from Airport (Against 50 Euros from Airport) if you dont know the exact name and location as happened to my colleague this week. The good news is the Hotel allows you the option charging the taxi charges to your room payment.

Yesterday, As indicated in my previous room posts, I had the privilege of visiting the Vatican. The visit was made more significance by the physical presence of Pope, Benedict XVI conducting the service for the Feast of St. Peter the Chair. It was a great visit to the Vatican, Sistine Chael. The paintings of Michael Angelo in the chapel are amazing to say the least. It was a great day and as usual, we made contact with Jason our guide.
I will uplink Photos next week of the visit as I didnt bring the file transfer from my camera to the laptop to up link.

I was amazed to read in economist that George Bush presented the Budget from A tablet PC.Wish Our PC can do it. (P Chidambaram the finance minister can do this weeks budget!!!) I guess our politician would cry foul as it may be released / leaked before.!!!!. I would expect a dull/ dumb budget. Middle class cant expect much can We?????.

Just wanted to put in a quick update on Matrix mobile and WIFI data access card for internet. It works good and looks economical for international travel. I have used their cell phones card for ages. This trip I am trying their global WIFI card for internet access.(This blog is from that.) Looks reasonable in Europe where it is 20 Euros a day for internet access in hotels. For US it may not be needed as most hotels offer free and many public places too have Free wifi access.

OK, I will put my thoughts in details next week.
Till then take it easy and take care; Live consciously.
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