Saturday, February 16, 2008

-15 DegC, Grit, Coutryard, DISAPPOINTMENT

I am back from my Mexico/ USA, Sunday, this time the Jet Lag was so terrible it took me more than 4 days to be back to Normal. So missed the last week blog. Some days, I cant even recollect having Lunch, ( I believe Lalithas word for it). This dispite a Shower at Gate 1a Lounge at Heathrow and plenty of water in the 22 Hr flight. I guess the body has its limits.
So then, I faced the coldest day of my life in Salt Lake city at -15 deg C. Pl see the photos. The snow was also insult to Injury. Yes, for my friend Bob Buccafusco, used to -40 Deg this was a warm day. Bob Brushed the snow of the car(Picture) with Bare Hands!!!!.

I saw some Mexican tradition, every place has this farming equipments I am told as a symbol of good luck and hope. I think people think the same. The Snap shot of Hotel Araiza which I mentioned in the last column.

I must say I found the Courtyard, Marriott, very comfortable. I stayed with them in LA, Athens, Ga and the service was very good and room tariff value for money. So was the breakfast as well as lot of coffee. The good thing in the most American hotels are the coffee makers in room and unlimited access to coffee in the lounge 24 by 7. By the way one reason I look forward to my American visits are the Waffles. I can have that for breakfast every day, I did that this time.( All the 11 days in the USA I had the waffles and corn flakes, missed that in Mexico, But Mexican food was good enough!!). My next visit I plan to bring back a waffle maker with me.

I was delighted to find all Veg resturant, Grit at Athens, Georgia, (100 Miles from Atlanta, I stayed there to visit the facility at Elberton, Ga). No worry about Meat contamination. I enjoyed the food and I must thank Bob for finding that. They don't accept AMEX card.

I have a bit of disappointment too, I had subscribed to the HBR and the first copy arrived last week. The first advertisement on Page 1 is Jhonny Walker Blue label Whisky. Do the managment magazine need such ads, more so when the adverse effects are well known. Especially for Indians, who we know what happens when a couple of pecks go inside.!!!!. I wonder???, where are norms and yard stick for journal/ Advertisement ethics, I wonder!!!.

Ok, I will for sure pen tomorrow, with more thoughts.
Till next time, take it easy and take care, Live consciously.
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