Sunday, February 17, 2008

Choclate, Bee Story, Road Rage

I am spending the time for this BLOG on some key Issues.

I was touched so much by the Fortune Magazine cover Story on the USE OF CHILD LABOR in the cocoa Beans making ( A key ingredient in Chocolate making) in Ivory Coast that I have decided that NO More Brand chocolates buying from my side indiscriminately. As a frequent international traveler, I spend a good sum at shopping at airport duty free. I will rethink and look for some kind of aspect to make the chocolate child labor free before I buy them.I may not buy any more, so be it. This is a small gesture from my side. It could be a drop in a ocean, I am doing my bit. Told my kids to study the article. Looks like Blood Diamond, Blood chocolate.

Another sweet aspect is Honey and thus reminds Bee. I saw the Bee movie on the flight back from USA last week. It made me think a lot. Sometimes, we take things for granted, I guess. What If we really step back and look at things and make live and let live. A must watch movie for all.

Recently,I was away to Delhi for a day for a personal event. I was amazed at the growth in Delhi of sky scrappers in Gurgaon Area. This is my first visit to that area as I usually used to go to Delhi for Visa interviews. At the same time I was appalled by the Road Rage out there. I was aware of it in TV news etc, but when you experience first hand, it sends a shrill down your spine. I haven't felt so threatened before. Wonder why people are in such a hurry and impatient!!!. This could even lead to them loosing their lives.

I read the rave review on the movie Katyn, a polish movie. Expected to win an Oscar this time for the best foreign film. Let us see what happens??. This is about the true story of massacre of 20,000 polish officers during the immediate aftermath of WWII.

I read a fantastic article, by Marcus Buckingham in the Harvard Business Review that great managers are not Checker players, but chess players. They anticipate various aspects of people involvement and take their team to great heights. I got access to hard copy. I am glad I could get the link to the soft copy free version. Delighted to share this.

Ok then, till next week, Take it easy and take care, live consciously.

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