Sunday, March 02, 2008

Italy, No country for old man.

I am back home from Rome this morning. It was a great trip in a business sense. We had good network sessions and worked out stock take as well as way forward.
I had a fabulous experience at Rome Restaurants, being a vegetarian finding food itself is difficult. My Boss, Anthony Wareham made sure whatever I missed out during the day sessions in terms of average food, he made it up by working out exploring Rome and find top class, affordable restaurants. Yes, 100% he also took care of the food bills too.!!!!.
The Otello ( I had been there before in October last) is a good place. So is the Costanza near the theater of Pompy. Try it out great food when you go next time.

I am attaching some of the photos of Rome visit. This is my third visit to the great place and I never got tiered seeing them again and again. May be that is the secret of History. You always learn new things and are able to correlate events.

On the flight back home, I took time to watch the Oscar winning movie "No country for Old man". I had decided that I will not watch movies and spent time on catching up on reading Economist and Fortune ( More than 2 issues piled up). The temptation to watch the movie was so much I did that at the fag end of the 9 hr journey.(Didnt watch one on the way to London!!!). A must watch movie and a classic theme, though not new.
My video of Vatican.

Ok, Then till next week. Take it easy and take care; Live consciously.
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