Monday, March 03, 2008

Sujatha: May his soul rest in peace.

I was trying to overcome the Jet Lag, from my Rome trip at home, early this morning and was surfing the web to catch up the web news updates in India over the last 2 weeks when I stumbled up on the passing away of the great scientist/ genius Tamil Writer Rangarajan alias Sujatha last week at the not very old age of 73.

Not only he was a great scientist who was one of the mastermind behind electronic voting machine but a great Tamil writer who brought science to the illiterate. His story telling was amazing and riveting. I still remember his weekly serial "Nirvana Nagaram"(Naked city)in Dinamani Kadir, in the Mid 1970s,the suspense was no less thrilling than a Stephen King or Lee Child. He gave insight to the people of that generation an opportunity to understand science and literature. His story telling interesting but well within limits in everything. Too bad that Tamil journalism has stooped so low bordering yellow journalism,that I cant recollect when I laid my hand on Tamil weekly magazine( Good 10 -12,years I guess!!!!).

Yes, Time comes for everyone Death needs to be faced. But people like Sujatha would live for ever through their creations and characters. (Jeevarasi, Ganesh, Vasanth etc). He was also classmate in St.Joseph's college, Trihcy with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He was 3 years senior to my father at the same college.

May his soul rest in peace. It is always an irreparable loss to a wife and Sons.

Camp: Pune.

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