Tuesday, March 18, 2008

32 Years wait, Artisanal, Lounge value.

Sorry about the late posting, I was away on a 48 Hour Personal trip to New York city and was back Monday Morning.

It was a wait for about 32 years and when it ended it was worth the wait. While traveling on the BA flight Thursday. I accidentally scanned the movie library and to my delight found the movie "The Godfather" (sequel 1,2,3). I read the famous book by Mario Puzo in 1979(Heard about it in 1976) when I was an annual school vacation to Bombay during my 11th grade. After that never had the time or opportunity to see the any part of the famous movie and things just drifted. So it was great delight to watch all the 3 parts in the 4 legs of flight to and from NY. Al Pacino and Marlon Brando at their sublime best. It also gives a great exposure to Italian way of life which I had seen in person during my travel to Italy. More so it also reflects a quite a lot of similarity to approach issues.
( The scene in which Robert Di Nero(GF II as Don Carleone) pleads with house owner to let her neighbor stay. That is exactly the way we would do it in India.)

The direction by Francis Ford Coppola is fabulous with the right mix of present and past in the movie and bringing out the best in actors. I guess a good director is like a good leader, bring out the best in people. The music by Nino Rota is classical.I also could sense where Kamal Hassan picked up hints in his role in Thevar Magan. (The tamil movie has lot of resemblance to God Father).

If you want to see various kind of cheese on display at one place, I suggest you visit the Restaurant, Artisanal on park Avenue, NY. I never seen so many varieties. I was there for lunch,Friday. WOW. The food itself was very good.(Even for a vegetarian!!).

I fully appreciate and value of the Business lounge that Airlines offer. As this was a personal trip, I was always looking to see if I can save a penny or two. ( I always consider that any business travels are not worth the extra effort to save a penny or two. That is the price the organization pays for we being away from our family of dear and near ones for the time we are away!!. I also don't buy the BS of considering official spending as considerate as personal spending. I guess official and personal styles are different and they should not and could not match. I think I am the other way around as personal spendings are more liberal than official ones!!).

So, I could use the BA lounge Gate 1, coupon, Sanctuary, shower spa facility etc as well as helped myself to sumptuous food in the lounge. My guess is that I would have saved anywhere about 100US$ for this trip as well as the indirect benefit of overcoming the jet lag quickly too. That is some saving from personal expenses. I am thankful to them. I look forward to seeing the BA Terminal 5 which opens in 10 days time.

Ok then, Till next week, Take it easy and take care; Live conciously.
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