Saturday, April 28, 2018


1)I quit the Whats app group of my school last night!! It was going nowhere,with people having an adverse opinion on anything I post / forwarded and tolerance of my classmates is at rock bottom. It is all about digesting what you don't agree! Sadly they seem to lack it!! I care a hoot, U reach out, I extend! if you don't! I go my way,! I always say " I can be an Island" who cares?? I never believed social media is way to reach out? I know of tens of instances guy with 1000s of followers /like had 0 people turning up on his funeral.

2) It was a trip to Dahej, this week, (2nd GUJ trip in 2 weeks after 11 months, like Italian bus  that comes in pair!!) It was a very short trip in an exhausting heat conditions. It gave me a chance to taste the nylon Khaman from favourite shop "Thakkurs". It was great sign of Gujarat hospitality as the business associate I met was previously unmet person and I just expressed my love for Khaman few hours before. He organised from the shop good 5 miles away....


 Tuli Banejee who is in a common whatsapp grup I am around shared this Facebook post / page. I totally agree with this picture.The country that is on rampage on Rape of female Child and Sodomy of male child must hang its head in shame. National map and pride and other things come later!! I am sure Hindu goons would proclaim that this is a provocative act by some Muslim guys defaming India!! Do you think Hindus like me lack so much common sense that we just blindly forward what we see/receive without applying logic/common sense. The very hallmark is to apply common sense and take a decision. hmmm! இது எல்லாம் அந்த கேன பயலுவலுக்கு எங்க புரிய போகுது? 

Who would have thought that even three months back that North South Korea leaders would sit across table and discuss on peace and Kim and Moon would travel across symbolic border in to other territory. Things happened so fast that it took while to comprehend. While much of it could be symbolic and world need to treat Kim's gesture with little more caution and wait/watch. Still, 27th April would go in history as a red letter day! I guess the new generation of leaders like Kim (30s) MBS (32) Emmanuel Macron (40) bring different perspective to thinking and take the world forward. I wish India finds some new leader in their 20s or 30s who can take the mantle and fight head on! Time to old கேன பயலுவ திருடன்ஸ் like Modi, BJP Pigs or Rahul etc. Country's system are in mess with Legislature, Executive, Press and judiciary rotten beyond redemption at this stage! A clean up would require good 10-15 years. I doubt but?? In a sense, we Crooked Indians deserve this.
It was glad, I stumbled on Colet Selwyn,Tamil Boy setting English music on fire in UK! What a voice and give a listen! Super Deep Bass voice!! He is a Biomedical Engineering Student.... Amazing talent! 
After 7 years, GMAIL has rediscovered itself, I like the new look, tools that have been added. This should really help improve productivity. 1.4 Billion people who use every day would benefit.

With me around in town for good 10 days, I plan to complete books by James Comey and David Baldacci. Baldacci's Amos Decker is cool charecter with 0 memory loss!! Comey also explain how losing his child made him a better leader!! Time flies, 9th May is around the corner the day Comey was fired!

Also is about looking to Manchester United Theatre and Sheraton discount on food possibly explored.

Take it easy, take care, god bless

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