Friday, April 06, 2018

Alagappa Chettiar!! WHAT A MAN !!!!!

Today, 6th April 2018, marks the 109th Birth Anniversary of Dr Algappa Chettiar. Incidentally, yesterday, 5th April was his 61st Death Anniversary. For a man who just lived 48 years, his contribution to Indian Education, Political contribution, Science & Technology, Physical Education is immense.

Having done my schooling of 7 years in the Alagappa institution, (Also joined Alagappa Arts College for a month before moving to Engineering in 1980) I must say I was immensely lucky to reap benefits of his benevolence. Schools, Colleges were just minutes away by walk and so it was cultural shock to find when I landed in Gujarat to find kids go miles for schools.

His immense contribution to Science was the creation of CECRI by giving away 300 acres of land and 30 lacs Rupees to Pandit Nehru and Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar. Dad worked from 1962-2004.( Scientist + Scientist Emeratus as Head of Corrosion Division) 

I am deeply thankful to him and Chettiar community as a whole for their contribution which I enjoyed for all my schooling and college at practically free, which is beyond my repayment. That is why I never criticise P Chidambaram, a chettiar and grand son of Annamalai Chettiar the Doyen. I consider, he is one politician licensed to loot the country, where as all other "PUTA MADRE" politicians, all fuckers, have plundered the nation without giving away a cent before! For me PC and Kaarti are rightfully collecting back what their generous ancestors gave away in crores with interest! (Like Kannadasan wrote) ,இரவல் தந்தவன் கேட்கின்றான் ; அதை
இல்லை என்றால் அவன் விடுவானா!!! hahahahh!!!
Take it easy, take care, god bless
6th April 2018.

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