Sunday, April 22, 2018

Road to Unfreedom,Barbara Bush,BroCode,35 years!!!

1) I was away on Business travel to Mehsana, GUJ this week. I was not aware that Sidhpur the place I visited, is where it is customary for son's to carryout rituals for the Departed Mother's soul. Ghaya is the one for Father. I should work the dad's some time later this year. Great trip to Gujarat after 10 months. Awesome food as usual. 

2) My visit to #HOSUR for 2 days, Saturday, took me to an awesome temple 20 Kms away, peaceful setting with greenery and flowing river!!  (Dakshina Tirupathy)  

I am reading Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder, an awesome book on Thug Putin's manipulation of Russian system and deception he brings in the name of "Eurasia -expansion of Russian federation". Putin,like MODI works only for TV entertainment for people, never mind the Fridge is empty and people are starving and living in a low self esteem. Modi, Putin wants people to live in the past legacy without caring for future. Modi is also dreaming of Akhanda Bharat.

This week saw the passing away of the Second First lady,who was wife to a president and also a mother to another #POTUS! Barbara Bush, 92, joins Abigail Adams in the rarest of rare list. Exactly 200 years after Abagail died in 1818. I recollect "Dubiya" covering in his book, how Barbara felt the engagement ring "41" presented was not a Sapphire but a blue stone!! hahah!!! Married for 73 years, well live life!

hahahhahhhahahah!! Brocode to rescue!! Man I tell you these men!!! I cant even Imagine or even in dream, Lalitha asking me where the heck I had been the night before??? போடி வெண்ணை would have been my answer!! 

Can't believe 35 years (This month) has flown in a flash! what an album!!! Masterly songs!!! I think I must have listened 1000s of times!! No wonder rated 13th best at 100 best all time favourite albums of the music world! Every breath you take would by itself be in top 10 all time single favourites.
Wrapped around your Finger

Every Breath you take!!!

King of pain 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe, God bless.
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