Sunday, April 01, 2018

Haider-Al-Abadi, Hitler's Rascals (HR), MLK, Meltdowns!! Amit Shah கேனப்பய

1) It was a surprise last evening, as I completed my 9 months assignment of "Special Support" at #CLARIANT, Hyderabad and packing my bags for airport, folks called me in to the conference room. There was a quick thank you session followed by handing over of a Memento. Thank you folks, enjoyed my assignment which was also a kind of home coming!!(We spun off from Sandoz entity in 1995 to form Clariant!) 

2) ahhahh! On the flight back, guy next to me was reading Saurav Ganguly's new book. But what Intrigued me was comment from Amitabh Bachaan on back cover page!! What the Fuck he knows about Cricket to give opinion!! Have you ever seen a non field person giving comments in western authors?! India is all about hype !! I tell you!! One more tick for my theory! Only Indian thing that is note worthy is Indian WIFE, rest all fucked up and better left untouched!! hahahahhah!!

3) Mom is well on the way to recovery! Her test results are shocking example of how lack of good sleep can lead to tremendous Heart problem!! Human body is mystery I tell you what!! Also goes to show big cities, the medical care is just top notch that can deliver you back safe and sound!!!

The world news is full of negative, disappointing, disengaging aspect which reflects the state of nations, people. So it was refreshing to read a +ve article in Economist this week after ages! Iraq is well on way back to get things normal. As Article indicates, while normal state returns after 24 months in most conflict zones, Iraq is getting back to normal in 3 yes Three months. Again it is all down to leadership! Haider-al-Ababi is doing his best! Good luck! (He has Ph.D in Elec Engg!) 

I have written so much in my professional blog as how HR has deteriorated over time and as Mark Horstman of Manger tools says people hate BAD HR! If anything gone waste,worse than Iraq, Syria, Somalia over the past decade, it is Hitler's Rascals (HR) as I call them! This article in WSJ confirms my perception. Personally, I have not come across a single good HR guy in the last 10 years anywhere!! Thankfully I am out of this Corporate rut!! As I was telling few overseas folks this week, I wouldn't have lasted a week in this rotten, limp, timid work culture that I see across!! Horror!!!

This week (4th April) marks the 50th Martyrdom of Martin Luther King! While I don't remember his death (I was 4 years old) I recollect conversations at home, about him as well as Robert Kennedy Speech soon after he was killed! (RFK assassination, I vividly remember few months, later) I wonder whether the black community has learned anything from his life as well as from Mandela in South Africa. Yes, I agree, we have forgotten Gandhi! 

I still have a dream, a dream deeply rooted in the American dream – one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed, "We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal." I have a dream...
Martin Luther King Jr. (1963)
I am half way through a great book "Meltdown"! An amazing book every professional must read! Why failures happen? What we can do about it!! It covers Complexity tightly connected vs System failure! A must read!

Haahahhah! I leave you With Stupid Amit Shaa's brain freeze twice!! heheheh!!! Didnt I tell you, none in BJP have any clay between ears or legs!!1) Yeddy most corrupt Govt.

2) MODI ANTI POOR Kannada translator!! ahhahahh!! சாவுங்கடா மொள்ளமாரிகாள !!
Take it easy, take care, god bless
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