Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chase, Inhuman Resources, Drunken Grandmaster, YSR

I am now doing a wild goose chase and learning the frustration of handling customer service ineptness. About a year ago, I had ordered a home safety security alarm system from EUREKA FORBES(Honeywell make!!!!) at a discounted price at an exhibition sale in Honeywell premises. At that time, I had indicated to the salesman that I would require the system installed after 6 months or so at my new house and that I am purchasing, paying the full amount (US$ 300) to take advantage of the discount. It appears that salesman is no longer employed in the company. The company couldn't trace my order. (Being an average Indian company) I am not surprised that they have state of the art ERP to track orders. I am now not sure whether I will get the product or the money back!!!......... This is a lesson to learn to go after discounts or pre order.... Some lessons. I am also in a frustrating followup for a online order cancellation with ICICI Bank credit card, that is a story for another day.

We all know HR is a touchy area in many organisations and how much we would like to stay away!!(More so over the last decade and a half when it is getting more and more robotic!) emphasising that point is a great is a book by Michael Stanford which explains all the process of inhuman aspects at work thro your colleagues and boss etc etc and HR or any one cant do anything about it......... (except you to get inoculated against it)

Here is a funny side to sports in which a grandmaster came to play his chess match drunk and slept over the board. Hmmmm, at least he was sober to come to the right place in the first place.....

This morning during my walk I was listening to the podcast by Robert Goffee on his upcoming new book, Leading clever people. I had read the Article" Why should anyone be led by you" on HBR some time back. It was a very revealing article on authentic leadership.

On the management bookshelf, came across an interesting website which lists great management books of all time.

I will leave you with my thoughts on passing away of Dr YS Rajashekara Reddy, (YSR)the Chief minister of the state of Andhrapradesh(Hyderabad), killed in a Air crash. If I remember right, after 20 years, a state has lost its CM in office. May his soul rest in peace. But what saddened me was, that during the 24 Hrs he was missing and as efforts were on to trace his helicopter, 6 to 7 out of 10 messages that were posted in various new forums was that he would be found dead or good that he is gone. I am also averse to Indian politicians and many have done an irreparable damage. I endorse the saying by many that "India is doing extremely well, in spite of her politicians". But to hope that they all die, would lead to administrative vacuum. The other way is we choose,what we deserve!!. In my interactions with people from that state is that he had done his bit for the downtrodden. RIP......YSR.....

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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