Sunday, August 30, 2009

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I am hugely distracted from routine over the last 8 weeks since moving in to our Apartment. The noise from construction from the projects within and the neighborhood have put spanner on the daily routine. What saddens me was that noise from construction projects are well past midnight with least concern or respect for people living in the community. I am aware that in Indian context the respect to compliance and following the law and order are minimal (More so when some norms are voluntary) and people try to work a way out thro bribe, coercion power, position or influence. But to see blatant violation as well as putting aside voluntary compliance is the saddest aspect. What is also shocking is the so called board of directors of such companies are much respected men in Indian society. I guess they have no clue to the ground level realities!!!. Remember Satyam!!.....

I am also puzzled by the craze to chase awards in many organisations, a friend of mine was sharing an experience of how his company is chasing awards in various function so much so that their HR and corporate communication functions were doing only the emails on awards protocols and sending emails to that effect. (Where is the question of not influencing!!??). It is a case that these functions have forgotten their primary responsibilities of meeting the internal customer requirements viz meeting HR deadlines etc.? Hmm, signs of things.....

Wayne talks about managing various aspects with Lisa Hanaberg in the 5th Anniversary podcast. I am pleasantly surprised that he mentions about my job profile in the conversation. Thanks Wayne!!.

A must listen for people who have direct reports the acid test, the podcast from Mark and Mike. It is simple.

Scary story of an Alumni suing her college for having not able to find employment. Read here...

Sad about the passing away of Ted Kennedy, great liberal champion. May his soul rest in peace. Incidentally, his brother Robert's assassination is the news, is as far as I could back to my childhood to remember times(1968 when I was 4 years old, staying in Madras!!!).

Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live consciously.

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