Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to posting.

I am glad to be back to posting this week after almost away for more than 3 weeks due to Ill health as well as chasing on issues, as well as laziness to some extent due to settling down at our new home. We are still not falling in to a groove, I guess it should happen say from this week.

Last Sunday( 9th Aug) I was glad to catch up with my classmate from college, Ganesh, who had come from USA to India on a 3 week trip. He took time in his schedule to work a visit Bangalore. The 4 Hours flew just like that. It was a good chance to recollect events that happened over the past 25 years.....

Mike and Mark have come with Excellent podcast on Airline travel in their career tools Podcast. A must listen for all the frequent travelers.

On connection, Anna Farmery has gone out a with podcast on the engaging brand show with Iggy Pintado. This 2 part podcast is a must listen for people to work out the intricacies of connection on Social media.

Ok, I will start active posting from next week, I promise. Until then Take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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