Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kalaivani, 20p, Bribe, Songbird, Indians don't give!!!

Good to be back to blogging after a couple of hectic weeks with the move to our new apartment.

I was very much touched by this story forwarded to me. This goes to show how Kalaivani a 17 or 18 year old girl as a sales girl at a book Shop in Madras manages the family... There are so many families out there. The story has a happy ending.....

I was touched to read this saga/ epic struggle of this entrepreneur who had refused to pay bribe to the authorities for carrying out the legal formalities in connection with the house he had built. Corruption in this part of the world is given, more so to escape the opacity and slowness of the process. This story gives the courage to face the situation.

When are the times the money you carry is more its worth!!???. I remember old story of a Petrol station agent melting the coins to make fortune as the Silver that came out was worth more than its currency value!. Read this story here in UK where some discrepancy in date makes 20p worth 50

The best of the 2009 Leadership blog survey is out, I had voted.Some interesting thoughts on leadership expressed in these blogs and this survey is done by Kevin Eikenberry thro his blog.

On the question of best business books I had come across an intersting link. Worth going thro and help you choose the best books in Print or audio form.

On the tech front, here is a challenge to ITUNES from Songbird. The Ipod software to sync your Ipod with a Computer. I have downloaded it and will begin using it. The reviews on Songbird are pretty positive.....

On the way of life in India, I came across a thoguht provoking article in mint on why Indians dont give back to the society like the way it happens in West. I have heard of stories of famous Indian personalities becoming tight fisted when it comes to charity..... Some truth I guess.. I assume the Hindu way of life of living as a zero sum game!!!.... Hmmmm...,,

As always I leave with obituary of two people who passed away recently, Robert McNamara, the first international figure I had known from my school days (As world bank president). The other person was Walter Cronkite, who was a famous announcer. Coincidentally both were in 90s, and both connected to JFK......

Lot reading to catch up!!!.....

Till next week take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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