Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am delighted to blog this post sitting in our new Apartment "AMRITKALA". We completed the legal formalities Friday, 17th July 09 and so our move is complete. Amrit= Nectar of God and Kala is Time. So more reign for things that have god's blessings etc.

We managed to get the Internet connection and wireless phone in this area Subramanya Nagar, Bangalore where the last mile connectivity is yet to be established. So things would go on. We are in the process of settling down and I expect the process to complete soon. Yes we are the 3rd owner to move in out of this 110 Apt of Renaissance Park III. I expect others to follow in 4 to 6 weeks. As for completion of construction I would assume it is 3 to 5 months to complete, so we got to bear with the noise associated with them as well as construction from massive adjacent project of Brigade Gateway(Photo above).

Here is the google map of the Apt. coordinates.

Our achievement was all due to collective efforts put in by all of us as the Renaissance Park III Owners association who chased things at every stage over the last 15 months. Every project needs a great leader and we got one in Mr Suparna, about whom I had mentioned before. The managing committee of our association was helpful at all stages to help when required. Yes, Renaissance Builders also did their best, to be fair in these tough times, So thanks to all.

I am posting some of the photos of the house and ceremony which we did before we moved in.
Hope to resume regular blogging from Sunday........


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