Sunday, September 27, 2009

Women as better managers, Email, Glassdoors, Gmail

Here is wishing all a Happy Dasserra. It is the only day of the year, when I sit behind the wheel of my car and drive the 30 yards, (of course my driver sits beside just in case!!)as an auspicious beginning for the year ahead.

Interesting article posted in New York times,in which Carol Smith of Elle group which says women are in all sense Better Managers than men. After working for a Female manager and the female manager had a woman manager. I cant help to agree with the statement. They give you more head room and tend to seek and take your opinion more than male managers do. Of course, the issue is only that some times conversation can go a bit longer and you need to master the time management skills.

Here is an interesting website, Glassdoor which gives inside information on all companies thro opinions posted. Of course, this only perceptions of individuals who post what they feel.

Read last night on the HBR article in Sep issue on death by information overload. A must read article for those drowned by information, more so from Web and dont know how to manage. The article talks about thebrain and Twine as source of tools to help manage information overload. Let me see start using and see how it goes.

Hmm, Again Gmail had trouble this week, when I couldn't access my contacts for couple of hours. Wonder, where the invincibility disappeared?? Yes, again Mike and Mark are right, Always take a printout of contacts.....

Ok, Looking forward to catch up the next 2 days holidays with lot of catching up to do on reading.....

Until next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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