Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid Mubarak,Internet Kills, Tragedy, Art of living, Navaratri.

I am posting this blog in a more relaxed manner as tomorrow Monday is a public Holiday for the Islamic festival Id-ul-Fitr. I pass on warmest Eid greetings to my Muslim friends, more special greetings to my friends in my second HOME, Lahore; Pakistan. (Special friends in Monsanto Pakistan, Dr Rahman, Rana Rafiq and Zahid Islam, the last mentioned was instrumental in getting me to visit Pakistan) I am really amazed that in every religion the path to spiritual greatness are done thro sacrifice, discipline, (I am not an expert, this is my initial views, still a long way to go).

Saw an interesting web piece on 50 things that Internet has killed. I will add one more thing is looking at Dictionary or writing the correct spelling.

I found the web page History search engine Infoaxe cool, It helps you to search the web pages you visited and restores. Cool..... So no struggle for pages visited and lost.

I have posted a poll on linkedin on work life balance, a topic that is very close to my heart. I find it very irritating and frustrating to see many Indian companies and managers don't try to do a bit or walk the talk to enforce this important concept!!. I posted my brooding on this topic about an year back in my blog. Seems nothing has changed. They seem to live in a different plane(t) on this as compared to companies like bp, Honeywell. As much as we don't understand the western divorce concept as I was explaining to my wife.

I am listening to Malcolm Gladwell's Blink Audio Book. A must listen for every one to get a sense of thinking on feet as well as go by hunch. Gladwell also explains the concept of Contempt/ criticism which is a big take away for me as well as the concept of THIN SLICING...

It was heart rendering to read that a 12 year old girl died in labor in Yemen. It shook me to the core and it took me a while to regain composure. Where the world is going??????

I had a chance to examine my pulse thro Nadi Pariksha( Pulse Diagnosis) thro AOL. Some of the concepts and treatment are akin to grandmother's remedy in a core sense. (Pita, Kapa, Vatta).

Yes, navarathri, 2009 has commenced from Yesterday. It will fun filled 9 nights. Of course, We have not kept the Golu(Doll arrangement at home, I have been pestering Lalitha for one, may be next year!!). How much I miss the Gujarati Garba/ Dandiya Rass of Bharuch, Ankleshwar which are etched in my memory even after a dozen years of moving away from that wonderful place and people.

Yes, leave you with "GREED IS GOOD" saw the movie after 22 years of its release. What a theme and very relevant in present day context. Vintage Michael Douglas.

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

Amritkala,Bangalore, India.

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