Sunday, September 13, 2009

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I was away to Bombay on a private visit Saturday,after almost 7 years for a domestic travel( I had hobson's choice for Lahore!!) I had a chance to take Indian Airlines ( Rechristened Air India) flight.(Because of the ongoing Industrial action by Jet Airways Pilots with whom I hold loyal Platinum membership), To my pleasant surprise I found the experience enjoyable, both ways the flight was on time, the food was reasonable and the entertainment and papers on board were aplenty. So private competition has increased Indian Airlines service attitude to customers. Lets hope they sustain this!!.... As for Bombay visit, I was stuck in the unusual traffic jam for Saturday evening on the way back to Airport on LBS Marg Bhandup, thanks to the brevity of my cab driver, I managed to reach on time to board the flight.(The 20 Mile Journey took 2 Hrs!!, my plans catching up with friends on the way back went for a toss!).

On another news on travel front the news that is making headlines in India in on the austerity measures (!!!!!??) by the central ministers to travel economy and reduce spending.. Wonder how long they can stick to it...... knowing the integrity (All political parties are in the same boat) of our folks, they will find a way to game the system to get upgrades without cost, with pro quid pro, or arm twisting!!... Let's wait and watch. Of course, with mobile phone camera around it is easy for anyone to shoot photo of politician's caught on wrong foot and expose them.

I am glad that I read this article on Indian medical care,Lovely story self explanatory. Also this one on Mother in Law forming as association to protect their rights!! Wow......

I am not a great Gandhi admirer, ( I am from Patel, Bose Clan) but still found it interesting to read Obama's views on the father of the nation. Of course, I always believed that it is the dignity of British (personally convinced having a British Boss)that they let Gandhi do what he did. Anyone else, we might have to do with an Omar Muhktar. Hmmmmmm........

I leave with the images of the kids(Cant call anymore like that) growing fast. 2006 and 2009, the same place for my daughter's birthday party.... Time flies. Makes you feel old.. Scary!

Till next week, take it easy and take care; live consciously.

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