Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sam Manekshaw, Digital Native, Ergostretch.

I missed posting my thoughts on Field Marshall, Sam Manekshaw who passed away last week. Sam Bhadhur as he was affectionately called (Being from Gorkha Regiment) was my childhood hero. I can still recollect the news paper reading when I was about 8 years, as to how he planned and lead the 1971 war. Of course it is a team effort, the support he got from the Navy and Airforce lead then by SM Nanda and PC Lal were no less. In my opinion,1971 war brought India on the world map of elite nations who can help other nations. Well served, Sir. May his soul rest in peace.

We have been asked to switch to a new expense reporting system CONCUR, Let us see how it goes, All I have heard of it is just grit and do it. Will be intresting to see the road blocks ahead.
I was listening to the Anna Farmery podcast this week and I was fascinated by the podcast with Paul Young He mentioned the words Digital Native and Digitial Migrant. Fabulos concept as to how people who all along lived in digital aspects around them or embraced it as the technology just came through. That got me thinking for a long time!!!. Wonder how much impact digital life has on us!!.

I came across this Ergobreak software. This is cool. When you sit absorbed and dont count the passing of time only to find tired eyes and numb fingers. This program kind of reminds you to take break. Try this out.

I was also reading the Economist supplement of New trends in energy alternatives with Wind,Geothermal, Solar, Batteries etc. Ofcourse, people call the coal as King coal and Oil as Queen Oil and that their empire will regin on. Lets see for how long?.

Ok, Till next week, Take it easy and take care; live conciously.

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