Sunday, June 29, 2008

History, Karmyablogy, Welchway.

Today being my son's birthday, we had a good time spending time on recap over the past 14 years of his life. We(Lalitha and I) also explained how things were in the mid 60 to 90s in our childhood. It is more or less on the lines of RK Narayan's stories.My Son couldn't believe that we lived without Television, computers as well as travel of 100 Km was as exciting as travel to Newyork from India. We also made him see the change in life style like joint families, joint decisions, comadadre and consulting with people on everything. Yes, that is where the generational change happens I assume. He still feels that I am lying when I said that I saw Black and white television when I was 22.!!!. When I mentioned that the 192 pages of a school Blank note book costed Re.1(US 2cents) he fell of the chair. It is 50 cents now.

I participated in the live webmeeting conducted by Wayne turmel last week using DIMDIM. This was on how to manage the remote teams. A practical aspects to work around,more so in the age of globalisation. Wayne does very good meetings besides his podcast. Worth giving a try. I geuss DIMDIM looks value for money. This is great for webmeeting and save costs of telephone call.

Jack welch has launed his website the Welchway. Lot of interesting stuff out there. Pl give a try. In repsonse to the Jack's thoughts on Working for a good or bad boss, I posted the question in MT forum.

I also came across an intersting management thoughts from website, Kamyabology (whatever it means). It has useful presentations on management aspects,career management etc. Worth exploring. I get email notifications on some practical PPT files.

I had requested the review of my resume from MT resume review service it is new service launched recently by MT. The price is meagre US50$ which is even low by Indian standards. Wendii Lord who manages this service at the back end. More than anything else, it is my way of appreciation for the great service done by Mike and Mark. The 180$ premium content amount I pay per annum is chicken feed for what I get in return. I wil keep you updated once I receive the feedback.

I long felt the need for a print cum scanner at home and we did buy one (hp model) yesterday. This will help to scan and share print docuements. The price of 85US$ was value for money.

I heard a very practical conversation between Lisa Haneberg in her fireside chat collection with Dr Marty Seldman Again goes to show stamina is critical for focus, excellence, discipline and excecution. I agree with Lisa thinking that you shouldnt be the last person or not knowing what your strengths and weakness are!!!.

Yes, this week had its chance to gauge value of network. There were some situation that required to take important decisions that kept coming up, valuable counselling from friends and well wishers helped to see the issue in broader perspective and helped to come to a final decisions. Their inputs has been significant and helps you to see hidden issues.

Ok, Till next week, take it easy and take care; live conciously.
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