Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good news,Infopig, Tom & Jerry, Sadnews

I am glad to let you know that there have been significant progress in our upcoming construction of our FLAT in Park III Apartments, constructed by Renaissance builders. There have been significant delays and deviations that started happening. Thanks to the team work of active engagement, close coordination and followup done by the adhoc team of 5 members, formed on behalf of 95 owners (Potential) helped us resolve amicably some issues that crept up and threatened the whole integrity of the project. Thanks to Mr Suparna for tirelessly coordinating all the activities on behalf of the team. It is a small but significant victory. We are aware that the next 4 months are crucial for timely completion as promised. To be fair to the builder, the entire real estate and construction industry is caught in a price raise, labor shortage spin and project delays of up to 2 years are common. Yes, while my side of the bargain is less than 8 months, today I met people who had booked flats more than 3 years back and were promised possession in May 2007. Some story. Will keep you posted as significant developments happen.

Atlast more than a month after commisoning of the dreaded new airport, I had a chance to visit the place to see off a relative who was on travel to the USA. While I made the journey during the offpeak hours, the approach roads to the airport is excellant for the last 25 kms to the airport. The airport per se is an eyesore, poor parking management (You need to park miles away for long term parking and some dual parkings which are confusing) the vehicle managment is passengers nightmare as once you get down from your vehicle, you need to cross a road where vehciles ply at 100 a minute. As a safety Manager,I am just waiting to hear the first serious passenger accident soon. The airport complex itself is a disappointment, looking like a matchbox in a million acre field. In the 20 countries I have visited, never seen an so much pre commisoning hype for an airport and ending up such ugly one like this. Again like Indian sports, good excecution, poor finish. Thankfully, my travels are less these days to have less of practical pains of this unhappy experience. The worst insult to injury was that Rs.1050 (US$25) as user fee was not collected as part of the ticket and we need to chase for the rupee to payout. So much for coordination.!!.

I came across the the INFOPIG a great website of RSS feeds that kind of neat combines all the info on various aspects. Good to try it out. I also took time off yesterday(Didnt open the laptop) to watch Tom and Jerry show for an hour. The show was so refreshing and so much creativity besides laughter all the way. I am sure folks take time off to see and relax themselves.

Not sure If I shared the Carly Fiorina Speech link here. I listened to her speech she delivered at Stanford. I am always fascinated by the turn around she did in HP. She mentions the key aspects as Leadership, People, Change. For leaders, Creativity, Colloboration, Charecter are a must to succeeed. Great speech and intersting Q&A.
I am saddened by the passing away of Jane McGrath this morning. Glenn did so much for the cancer society on her behalf. May her soul rest in peace.

Ok, till next week, take it easy and take care; Live conciously.

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