Sunday, June 01, 2008

Monsoon, College, DiSC, Monkey.

As I write this blog at 4pm Local time here in Bangalore, the rain is smashing out in the window, announcing the arrival of Monsoon on time( May be a day ahead as It rained heavily yesterday). I am glad the summer is over for this part of India. It was hot by any standards, with mercury touching 100F one day. (effect of global warming, I guess). Any way lets look for good wet season. Yes it would affect the time we spend walking for exercise, thus the time spent on Ipod. Any way self interest should be at the back end when large public interest are things that matter.

I am glad after lot of deliberations and chase, we managed to get the Pre university college admissions for my daughter for . The college will open next week and there are lot of regulations to go by. Wonder, how much of it will be practical to implement in this modern world. I am also puzzled at the orientation program arranged for parents this week. Wonder Why?. Never ever remember my parents coming any where near my school(even for complaining about me to the class teacher or for all the mischief I use to do at home). Looks like simple system / process of education is made more complex. Incidentally from this week schools have reopened after summer holidays of 8 weeks,(It just flew) so it is going to be hectic morning run for the next 10 months. See picture is great, I guess we all have done that.

I attended the DiSC training cum marketing session yesterday conducted by Iamontrac agency of Bangalore. The session was interesting. I basically attended to kind of have a chance to meeting people from HR area as thats where these kind of sessions are focussed.This is official DiSC trainer certification course, there is lot of potential for this from trainer perspective as DiSC, I feel is a good way to understand behavioral and Ego issues. The cost ca US$2000 looks reasonable to explore at some stage for taking this. This also gave me a chance to get my DiSC profile done. I was surprised a bit to see the profile as HIGH D. (Result oriented pattern with HIGH D, followed by I and equal S and C). The profile threw up some surprise, may be a bit skewed as it focuses more on work front. I could pick up lot of interesting conversations with the fellow participants so it was time well spent.
I was amazed when I read the HBR article, Who has got the monkey, the article is 35 years old, and nothing has changed in 35 years.It is all about delegation and close supervision. As, Mark Horstman insists, it is all about coaching, One on ones, delegation,Feedback and Performance review. Interestingly, Mark has come out with a fabulous 5 part video on giving feedback. Watch here.

So, the new Bangalore airport looks like passengers nightmare, All my friends are having lot of grouse. Thank god I have no travel planned this time. Some new services are on for transportation to the New airport through shared cab ride for US$7. (Airlift) which is good 2 to 3 Hr drive from east or south end of city.

Ok, Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live Consciously.
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